For Honor Year 5 Season 2 - Estimated Release Time (US & UK)

Season 2 of For Honor Year 5 will kick off on June 10th!

Season 2 of For Honor Year 5, also known as Mirage, will begin with a new Battle Pass, Limited-Time Event, and plenty more. Make sure you check out our estimated release time for Season 2 of For Honor Year 5, right here in this article.

For those that might not have seen it already, make sure you check out the official story trailer for Mirage below.

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For Honor: Mirage Story Trailer | Ubisoft

For Honor: Mirage Story Trailer | Ubisoft

For Honor Year 5: Season 2

To kick off the latest season of For Honor, a new limited-time event will begin on June 10th until July 1st. Visions of The Kyoshin will allow players to experience the Dominion game mode but with a twist.

Powerful entities called the Heavenly Ones contest points A and C. When defeated, these give a temporary buff as well as a special vision to the player who served the final strike.

There will be plenty of rewards up for grabs as players work their way through a free event pass.

Season 2 will also bring with it a new Battle Pass and a new hero, which will be arriving July 22nd. Check out the official For Honor website to find out more about Mirage.

Release Date

For Honor Year 5: Season 2, also known as Mirage, will be going live on June 10th, 2021.

The update will be available for all platforms, including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

Estimated Release Time

UPDATE: The official For Honor Twitter account has revealed the release time for Season 2 of Year 5. Check out the tweet below for details.

Although no official time has been given by Ubisoft as to when Season 2 of Year 5 will go live in For Honor, we can take an estimated guess based off of the launch of Season 1.

When Season 1 launched back on March 11th, server maintenance was required to launch the new season. This began at the following times.


Server downtime lasted for approximately 2 hours and a new patch was deployed.

We anticipate Season 2 to follow a very similar schedule, so we expect servers to go down at the aforementioned times on June 10th, followed by a new patch to begin Season 2.

Should Ubisoft reveal an official release time for Season 2 of For Honor Year 5, we will update this article.

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