For the King Free DLC Into the Deep Brings the Charming Roguelike Out to Sea

For the King for PC will be receiving free DLC called Into the Deep that adds a naval-focused campaign, a new class, and more.

For the King was a charming little roguelike with multiplayer elements from IronOak Games and Curve Digital that released back in April. Today, about seven months out from launch, the developers have announced a new piece of free DLC called Into the Deep that fleshes out the naval portions of For the King and launches on November 21.

Into the Deep’s campaign sees players taking on the Fishfolk, an aquatic race that is attempting to summon a dangerous Kraken god. In For the King’s tradition tabletop RPG-like gameplay, players must then travel around the ocean, visiting island and destroying artifacts that give the aforementioned Kracken’s power. In total, the free DLC is poised to add nine new enemies, four new boats, new weapons, accessories, NPC encounters, and new outfits.

The new Pirate-themed Guns class is also included with Into the Deep. This new class wields Blunderbusses, Muskets, and Hand Cannons, which helps them stand out from the several classes already available. For the King has already found great success on PC, already selling over 200,000 copies, and Into the Deep looks like it will only entice more players to jump on. Gordon Moran of IronOak Games also seems to be happy that players will finally be getting their hands on Into the Deep:

Into The Deep is a huge addition to For The King. It’s something we’ve been extremely excited about. Everyone at the studio not-so secretly wants to be a pirate, but we wouldn’t last long out there in the ocean, so we instead created our ode to the classic stories we used to read as kids. We hope you all enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.”

If you want to know what DualShockers thinks of For the King, you can check out either our written review or our video review. You can also check out some new screenshots and a trailer for the DLC below. For the King is currently available on PC and it will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. Into the Deep will arrive on November 21.

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