Forager Coming Soon, Developer Explains Why It’s Taking So Long

Forager Coming Soon, Developer Explains Why It’s Taking So Long

Forager looks like a peppy looking version of Stardew Valley.

The Indie Highlight’s that took place on Nintendo’s channel today showcased Forager, an upcoming title that looks similar to top-down casual titles such as Stardew Valley. After all, Forager lets you farm, build, and explore with puzzles to solve and enemies to battle. We’ve also seen Wargroove and Double Kick Heroes among other titles in the video.

The trailer that was shown in the video below shows a vibrant world in which you can explore the world, destroy the environment and craft your own buildings, farm, and even purchase news lands around your main starting area. Different lands appear to come with different types of environments, and there are dungeons that feature large bosses to kill.

Essentially it’s up to you if you want to chase the dream of being a builder, a merchant, an adventurer, or even a farmer. At one point in the video, we see the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen being used to pick up fallen items on the ground.

Forager is due to launch on PC PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but in a Steam news post, the developer HopFrog, states that the title was originally due to launch in November 2018 but ended up being delayed. The reasoning for this was due to the console versions now being ready for launch and that for contractual reasons the developer needed to launch the game onto all platforms at the same time.

HopFrog doesn’t know when the title will be available to launch and states that the current release date estimates they have are purely speculation. The console versions are apparently nearly ready but an exact release date will not be published until the team is 100% sure that the title can release on a chosen date.

Additionally, HopFrog are adding more free content to the title and has even hired a programmer to enable the game to run consistently at 60fps. A beta will take place in the near future, potentially during the end of January or the start of February. This beta will introduce new features that have not been announced yet. It has also been confirmed that anyone who is supporting the game through Patreon will gain all future DLC for free on all platforms.

You’ll find the trailer below at 04:50.

Forager will be launching on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4 sometime this year.