Ford Dealer Uses Firewatch Art to Advertise Sale; Campo Santo Are Quite Righfully Not Impressed

on June 28, 2016 9:20 AM

Artwork from Campo Santo’s Firewatch title has been found in a Ford dealership advert without any consent given.

You can see the original artwork on the left and the accused advert on the right in the image down below.

Campo Santo’s Sean Vanaman tweeted this:

Game Informer contacted Quirk Ford of Quincy for comment, and was directed to Sean Western in the auto group’s advertising department:

“I guess that whoever made the email blast must have grabbed it from the website or something.”

When Western spoke to Game Informer he also claimed that:

 “We [Quirk Ford of Quincy, Massachusetts] always use DMCA compliant sites when getting images.”

Vanaman responded saying the image in question couldn’t have come from a wallpaper website.

“That “Update” is bs as their mailer actually includes elements from our old website that aren’t available on any wallpaper site.”

Well, this is an awkward situation indeed.


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