Forget Gamestop, History Channel’s Pawn Stars Pay Top Dollar For Your Gaming Goods

on May 19, 2012 11:45 PM

Wondering what to do with that 30 year old console? How about a life size statue of Mario? Well if you’re headed to Las Vegas anytime soon, you may want to bring those kind of items along.

The History Channel’s Pawn Stars is a show all about the sell and trade lifestyle of a family of pawn shop owners from the city of sin. What sets them apart from the other “antique picking” reality shows that revolve around the raiding of forgotten storage lockers and airport luggage, is that the team at “Gold and Silver Pawn Shop” tend to encounter a decent amount of gaming memorabilia and collectables, and when they do, they’re all over it.

Forget Gamestop, History Channel's Pawn Stars Pay Top Dollar For Your Gaming Goods

In the most recent episode that I had a chance to catch, the store paid out upwards of $700 for a Mario statue that dated back to the mid 80’s. The episode that followed featured another pawnee who delivered an “OK condition” Atari 2600 with a few games. That seller ended up walking out $100 heavier in the pocket region. Sure, the Atari might have generated a larger return from a real collector but to someone who doesn’t want to go through all the trouble of finding that kind of buyer — and for an item that averages around $70 bucks on eBay — a cool hundred dollar bill just can’t be turned down.

If you’ve stashed away some gaming goodies that you’ve been meaning to cash out, the next time you’re headed to Vegas you may want to pack it with you.

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