Forgot to Pre-Order a Wii-U? Ebay Has Them...For a Price

GameStop has already halted their pre-orders due to selling out, and all the big box stores are following suit. Luckily for Nintendo, it seems like fans are flocking to the new Wii-U and the options it offers gamers, not just on it’s own but in conjuction with a Wii as well. As usual with a new release, Ebay sellers are standing by to prey on the late and desperate.

If you want to buy another person’s pre-order it’s going to cost you though, something to the tune of at least five hundred dollars. The bundles are going for even more. Remember that the release date is still two months away, and it will be the holidays then. There’s going to be plenty of parents placing bids to appease their kids I’m sure. Call me crazy, but I think I’ll just wait.

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Miranda Quillen

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