Forgotten Anne Will Make Her Way to Switch in the West Next Year

Forgotten Anne Will Make Her Way to Switch in the West Next Year

The beautiful cinematic adventure Forgotten Anne will be making its way to Nintendo Switch at some stage in 2019, publisher Square Enix Collective confirms.

The absolutely gorgeous puzzle title from ThroughLine Games Forgotten Anne will finally be making an appearance on Nintendo Switch in western regions.

First released during the summer of this year, the hand-drawn Forgotten Anne sees you play as a girl named Anne who must make tough decisions which could carry with them heavy consequences. The game sees the player overcome puzzles and converse with various characters to create a story-driven narrative.

The cinematic adventure takes place in the Forgotten Realm populated by misplaced items where Anne must maintain order. Relying heavily on player choices, Anne attempts to make her way back to the Human World. The critically acclaimed 2D title sports a simply captivating art-style reminiscent of old 1980s or early 90s anime which gives the animation an usual motion, yet it still remains sweepingly beautiful.

Publisher Square Enix Collective recently announced via its Twitter page that the game will be making its way to Nintendo Switch, but as of yet no more details are available.

Forgotten Anne is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac with the Nintendo Switch port booked for an unconfirmed release window in 2019.