Former BioWare General Manager Discusses the Difficulties of Working with EA's Frostbite Engine

Former BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn opens up about the difficulties of working on EA's Frostbite Engine.

In a report from, former Bioware general manager Aaryn Flynn opens up about the difficulties of working with EA’s Frostbite engine.

“It was getting harder and harder to make the people that content wanted,” says Flynn at Reboot Develop Red in Banff, Canada. “It was harder and harder to move that content through these pipelines and do things. And even though we had more people — we had more teams, more folks — we were slowing down the rate at which we could build and craft these experiences.”

Flynn also describes the engine by saying it can do amazing things, “but it can be very delicate and hard to manage.” He mentions that he hasn’t worked on the Frostbite Engine since 2014 when he left Bioware. The first BioWare title that was developed with the engine was Dragon Age: Inquisition, which launches in 2014. Additionally, even though BioWare’s Anthem launched after Flynn departed the developer, it was under his management at one point.

“We couldn’t seem to find our footing with the tools in this case,” Flynn continues. “And the frustrating part was this was all on my watch as general manager, and I had to think a lot about — when I was finally out of Electronic Arts — I had to think a lot about, why was that? Why was it so hard to make these tools? I have a history of making tools — what was I missing?”

Since his departure from BioWare, Flynn has gone onto join Improbable, which develops different games and technology for Improbable’s cloud computing platform SpatialOS. Additionally, he’s developing a new Improbable studio in Edmonton, Canada.

“Games are still made by people,” says Flynn. “The more you can give the people building these games high quality tools to help them do their jobs better — to help them be productive, try new things and experiment — you’re much more likely to have success in this industry.”

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