Former Duke Nukem Game Bombshell Delayed Until January 2016

Former Duke Nukem Game Bombshell Delayed Until January 2016

Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms recently reached an agreement to delay Bombshell on PC until January 29, 2016 due to numerous bugs and technical fixes that need to be implemented to ensure a quality experience on day one. On the Steam Community page, Frederik Schreiber of Interceptor posted,

Our first instinct was to just get this puppy out-the-door, and that we could fix the remaining issues with a quick patch after launch. But within ten seconds we realized that’s no way to treat paying fans of our games.

There will also now be two editions at launch, the Standard Edition at $34.99 USD, and the Digital Deluxe Edition at $39.99 USD. The digital deluxe (image at bottom of post) will come with: the game, digital soundtrack, beta access to retro FPS prequel “The Washington Project,” digital art book, and digital world maps.

Originally announced as a Duke Nukem game until Gearbox’s lawsuit removed any trace of that name, Bombshell is a top down shooter coming first for PC and then consoles. Bombshell herself was originally a side character, but stepped in to take the lead in wake of Duke’s removal.