Former Rockstar Developer Looking to Create New Genre With 1979 Revolution

Former Rockstar Developer Looking to Create New Genre With 1979 Revolution

Have you heard of 1979 Revolution? Chances are that you’ve missed out on the very little press coverage the game has received over the last couple of years.

Don’t worry though, because the crowd-funded game set within the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran is making a comeback.

The game was recently announced as one of the top five highlights at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, quite an impressive feat for a game coming from a relatively small studio.

1979 Revolution is the brainchild of Navid Khonsari who previously helped create the immersive worlds in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas, as well as Max Payne and Bully.

Speaking in a recent interview, Khonsari spoke of what the goal is for 1979 Revolution.

No matter what, it’s gotta have great gameplay. So combine those together, we’re not looking at making just a game, we’re looking at creating a new genre. Have respect for the AAA titles and have respect for the indie titles, but is there a way of us creating something that’s a hybrid of the two, but then is actually taking real events and almost like veritae games.

It’s a bold claim from the seasoned developer, but the premise seems interesting enough and the presentation is reminiscent of Telltale’s comic-style episodic games.

1979 Revolution will be an episodic game, something Khonsari thinks isn’t such a bad thing in this day and age and explains that delivering the game episodically allows the team to remain fresh and enthusiastic rather than get burnt out with a multi-year development cycle.

1979 Revolution is slated to release on iOS, PC/Mac, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.