Former Sony CEO Jack Tretton Launches ‘Interactive Gaming Ventures’ to Assist Indie Developers

Former Sony CEO Jack Tretton Launches ‘Interactive Gaming Ventures’ to Assist Indie Developers

Jack Tretton continues to support the video game industry after launching a new business to financially assist indie developers.

In 2014, Jack Tretton stepped down as Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO after 19 years with the company. Today, it’s been revealed the Mr. Tretton is not finished with the game industry as he will be leading a new strategic video game firm offering cash investment, relationships, and guidance for indie developers.

Interactive Gaming Ventures will assist developers with growing their business and provide them with the needed investment capital and management strategy to help them achieve greater scale and success. After starting his own firm four years ago, Tretton realized that there were many talented developers that were facing challenges getting financial support for their projects and lacked the long-term experience of providing go to market solutions and corporate relationships to maximize their success.

“Traditional private equity and venture firms appreciate the 100 billion dollar size of the gaming industry, but most lack the understanding and the comfort level to invest in it,” said Jack Tretton, Managing Partner, Interactive Gaming Ventures. “We provide these studios structure, cash infusion, and use our relationships to ensure that they are getting an appropriate share of voice from first parties backed by investors that know the industry and seek the outstanding financial returns that a well run publisher can provide.”

Joined by Managing Partner Doug Kennedy, the CEO of ARK: Survival Evolved’s Studio Wildcard, the team will provide the following resources to 2-3 select studios per year, allowing them to focus 100% of their attention on building games:

  • Project Funding
  • Development Support and Resources
  • Full-Service Marketing and Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Distribution
  • Publisher Relations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Resources
  • Community Relations
  • Brand Management
  • General Operations Management

For studios looking to apply, the official website has been launched and is open for project submission.