Former Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO Opening Movie Studio Dedicated to Adapting Video games

Former Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO Opening Movie Studio Dedicated to Adapting Video games

Former Assassin’s Creed producer Jean-Julien Baronnet is opening Marla Studios, named after his daughters Margot and Lana. The company will operate with the sole focus of adapting video games into live action cinema.

Baronnet’s experience comes from five years as CEO of Ubisoft Motion Pictures. He explained his plans for future independent productions clearly, expressing the desire to give IP owners strong creative control of the movie.

“Marla Studios will help the video game companies consecutively in three areas: determining, along with the video game companies, the artistic angle and the artistic package that will serve best the IP; negotiating with the Hollywood studios a contract that will give the game company a strong creative control and high pay back; and last, but not least, implementing a deep collaborative process with the key creative people at the video game company at each stage of production.”

“Our clients are the video games companies. We will work our butts off for them and try to get the best deals with the studios without any conflict of interest. This is truly a new business model that we think will finally make a success of the video game adaptation into film.”

If the reception of movies such as Hitman, Ratchet & Clank and Prince of Persia are anything to go by, video game-to-film adaptations have yet to find their proper market. Baronnet recognises this in another statement.

“Studios have had difficulty recognizing the need for the stories in video game adaptations to have a universality to them..Most of the time they try to copy the video game’s story and/or characters which is exactly what should not be done.”

The new studio is currently in the process of setting up and hiring video game industry veterans to aid with producing and writing.