Formicide is a Game Where Ants Kill Each Other With Guns

on January 21, 2014 7:44 PM

Just when you thought a colony of ants couldn’t be more deadly.Formicide pits you and your friends in the most intense insect warfare.

Formicide is a 2D multiplayer action-platformer conjured up by the minds of Rock Wall Games. It’s essentially Worms mixed with some Quake with ants and rocket launchers. Rocket launchers won’t be the only death dealing weapons at your disposal. Machines guns and shivs are only some of the tools to make your custom ant warrior even deadlier.

There’s an alpha demo out now that you can try out and waste fools online in a deathmatch.

Expect to see Formicide out on PC later this year. If you like it, you should support their page on Steam Greenlight.

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