Forsaken World to Receive New Expansion, Mounted Combat

Forsaken World to Receive New Expansion, Mounted Combat

Perfect World Entertainment’s western-centric free to play MMORPG Forsaken World had a rather successful launch this march and just saw a sizable intake of new players due to the inclusion in the Steam free lineup. Therefore it’s no surprise to see the Chinese publisher stepping on the gas to add more content to the title.

In a new announcement PWI revealed a content expansion coming to Forsaken World this August, promising plenty new features to entertain the player base through the end of summer.

Here’s a list of what the update will include:

  • Level cap raised to 80
  • Mounted combat system
  • New dungeon
  • New events
  • Increased maximum job levels
  • Level 3 guild bases unlocked
  • New systems that will benefit married couples
  • Improvements to the arena system
  • New pet adventure system – have your pet perform quests for you!

Mounted combat is a personal favorite of mine, especially considering how many other MMORPG developers tried to implement it properly and failed. We’ll see if PWI will manage to make it compelling and not excessively clunky.