Tactical RPG Fort Triumph Hits Kickstarter after Square Enix Collective Promo

Tactical RPG Fort Triumph Hits Kickstarter after Square Enix Collective Promo

Kickstarter is getting yet another alumni from the Square Enix Collective showcase with Fort Triumph. The tactical RPG is from a group of Tel Aviv based developers and is looking to combine a fantasy setting with the detailed strategy of X-COM. The project is looking for $75,000 USD over the next month and has already raise more than $10,000 USD in its first few days.

The game concerns a magical world dominated by seemingly uncaring gods. Mountains loom above, pushed forward by the mystic core of the earth. From these sharp crags, magic seeps into the land and has thrown the world out of balance. Dragons and necromancers and monsters rise up to try and claim dominance.

The eponymous Fort Triumph sits atop one of these ‘spikes’ of mystical energy. And it is here where the heroes of the land will make their stand to bring back order to the world. Will the fort serve as the hub for like-minded warriors looking to fix the chaos outside or will it act as the final bastion against the hordes of monsters looking for ultimate power.

The game includes the following features:

  • Hardcore tactical turn-based gameplay.
  • Fully Interactive environments at your disposal.
  • Heroes evolving by learning new abilities from their class skilltree.
  • Non-linear, contextually generated missions and quests.
  • Strategic gameplay and world map exploration.

The final point here is really where Fort Triumph is trying to mark its niche. Battlefields are littered with tons of interactive environments that can be manipulated to turn the tide of battle. Enemy hiding behind a tree? Throw a gust of wind at it and yell ‘timber!’ as it crushes your foes. Does an orc have the high-ground on top of a pillar? Knock him off with a well-timed arrow and make him fall on his compatriots.

As the devs explain:

“[E]very crate and every tree is a potential weapon in the hands of experienced tacticians: in order to succeed, you will have to burn, freeze, topple, kick around or outright destroy the scenery at the right moment.”

The game also contains the usual tactical RPG trappings like parties made up of different class-based heroes (Savage, Paladin, Ranger, Mage). Each type comes with unique abilities and traits that develop as you level up and master these skills.

The Kickstarter campaign for Fort Triumph is on until May 23rd if you want to support it. There’s also a handy demo available to help make the choice easier. If successful, the game is set to release in April 2018 for PC and Mac.

The crowdfunding trailer is available below: