Fortnite Account Merging Coming in November, Unlinking and Linking Coming Soon

Epic Games went into more detail on how cross-platform play will work from here on out, promising an account merging feature.

Sony made the completely unexpected announcement that Fortnite would have cross-platform play and progression with PlayStation 4 and competing consoles Xbox One and Nintendo Switch—now, Epic Games is getting into the nitty-gritty, promising the feature of account merging for this November.

The feature is important to many who own multiple consoles; initially, those who had their Epic account linked to their PlayStation Network accounts were unable to use those same accounts on other platforms. As a result, these players made a separate account for Switch or Xbox One, perhaps buying items on different accounts. According to Epic, these Fortnite Battle Royale purchases can be combined eventually.

Coming sooner in “a few days,” according to an official post from Epic on the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit, is the ability to unlink your Epic account from a console and relinking a separate Epic account with that console. Say you decided to make your Switch-related Epic account your primary place to play, as opposed to the PS4; it sounds like you’ll be able to unlink whatever account you have linked to your PS4 and log in with your Switch-related Fortnite account on that console instead.

This is still a lot to take in; it wasn’t long ago when Sony pushed back on the idea of cross-play, saying that their platform was the “best” one to play on. Check back later when Epic has specific dates for these features, and read their Reddit announcement below.

Multiple Console Account Info from r/FortNiteBR

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