Fortnite’s New Batman Event Has Replaced Tilted Town with Gotham City

Fortnite’s New Batman Event Has Replaced Tilted Town with Gotham City

The long rumored and leaked Batman Fortnite crossover event is finally here and brings Gotham City to Tilted Town.

Well today is apparently “Batman Day” (because apparently everything ever created needs its own day). To celebrate, Fortnite has jumped in on the fun and has added new Batman-themed items and has replaced tilted town with Gotham City.

Per Kotaku,  a livestream this morning announcing the crossover event took place at 8 ET. It showed off some of the new in-game items that include a homing Batarang and a Batman-themed grapple gun. They also showed off some new cosmetics as well.

On top of all of that, tilted town is now stylized to replicate Gotham City. It features many landmarks from the comic series such as the Gotham City Police Department HQ, Wayne Industries Tower, and the Monarch Theatre. Plus, players who are within Gotham City get unlimited glider redeploy.

There were some new challenges added to the game as well. Keeping with tradition, these are Batman-themed as well. Some will have players using the new items, using in-game Bat Signals, and defusing Joker-themed gas canisters.

The event already started to leak over the last week, but it is still cool to see it finally happen. Even though I am not a Fortnite player myself, I have always respected the work Epic puts into finding new crossover events like these,