Fortnite Introduces Captain America Skin Ahead of Independence Day

Captain America arrives to show off his shield.

Fortnite from Epic Games has released a new in-game skin. This time, allowing players to become Captain America as they wander around the map doing the most un-Captain America thing ever, shooting other people.

That’s right, Captain America is now available as a skin and available from the in-game store through the use of in-game currency and will cost you a hefty 2,000 V-Bucks. The player will not only get the character skin but a pickaxe and back bling. Players will be able to use the iconic shield as a pickaxe or choose to have it displayed on their back if they want. But no, it doesn’t seem as if you can use it as a shield.

If you were hoping to see some of the gear in-action before heading to the store then you’ll be disappointed to find that the above trailer literally just shows Captain America walking to the edge of a cliff, looking over the map, and then jumping off. The camera then tilts down to the scorched ground left from when he arrived at the start of the trailer.

It’s fairly short, but there’s also an emote the player can use called, “Grand Salute” which finds your character standing in a heroic pose as fireworks explode around them. The emote will cost you 300 V-bucks and you can see it in action on the blog post linked above.

What a better way to prepare to celebrate Independence Day by playing Fortnite as an American comic book hero. Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is available to play for free on pretty much every platform and recently saw some movies streamed in-game.  The paid-for PvE Save The World version of the game recently left early access.

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