Fortnite is Set to Show an Entire Christopher Nolan Movie In-Game Later this Summer

In what continues to be the most bizarre collaboration of the year, Chris Nolan and Fortnite will be again working in tandem at some point this summer.

Yesterday, a strange collaboration between Epic Games and Warner Bros. Pictures was revealed when the newest trailer for Tenet, the upcoming movie from acclaimed director Christopher Nolan, premiered within Fortnite. It was an odd crossover on paper, but it seems as though the work between Nolan and Fortnite isn’t ending here.

Announced during the event, it was unveiled that Fortnite is actually set to air an entire Christopher Nolan movie in full later this summer. As of now, we don’t know what movie from Nolan’s filmography it will be (although Tenet has already been counted out), but it is confirmed that Fortnite will air a feature length movie, which is kind of crazy.

Over time, Fortnite has definitely become just as much of a cultural hub as it has a video game, but it’s still downright odd to see things like this crossover with Nolan now transpiring. It’s especially intriguing that Nolan is willing to play ball with Fortnite and Epic Games in this manner, too, considering how conventional he has been in the past when it comes to the moviegoing experience.

If I had to put my own money on which film from Nolan’s history will be shown in Fortnite, Inception seems like the most likely candidate. Not only is the movie one of the most popular from Nolan’s past work, but this summer actually marks the 10-year anniversary of its release. It’d be a good choice to both celebrate the movie’s decade milestone while also highlighting one of the director’s most popular films to those who maybe haven’t seen it before. We’ll obviously be hearing more about this definitively from Epic and Nolan in the coming weeks, you’d imagine.

If you want to get a look at how the whole Fortnite and Tenet trailer went down in-game last night, you can check out the video from Theslayer360 down below.

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