Fortnite: How to Collect Seeds From Reality Pods Before They Stop Bouncing

Unearthing the Seeds of Reality.

August 4, 2022

Fortnite players are looking for Reality Seed pod locations, as they need to collect seeds from them before they stop bouncing in order to complete this week’s challenge.

Reality Pods have been added in the latest Season, and it has made some interesting changes to the game’s meta. These Pods give players seeds that can be used to plant Saplings and in turn, get an array of items. Not to forget, these Reality Pods also have an aesthetic appeal that adds a nice little touch to the expansive map. Before you can go ahead and collect seeds, you need to know where these pods are located.


Where Are Reality Seed Pods Located?

If you are wondering where you can find reality seed pods in the game, you can find the complete list of them below. These locations are as per the latest version of the map, so you can refer to it directly to complete the entire challenge.

  • Six are located in Logjam Lotus
  • Two are located in the waterbody south of Logjam Lotus
  • Two are located in the waterbody southwest of Shifty Shafts
  • Two are located in Rave Cave
  • Three are located in Reality Falls
  • Two are located southeast of Reality Falls
  • Two are located south of Tilted Towers
  • Two are located east of Greasy Grove
  • One is located north of Rocky Reels

With so many Reality Seed locations available, players often get confused about which one to go for. From the ones mentioned above, the ones located south of Shifty Shafts and towards the east side of Rave Cave are the ones which we recommend going for as they should be relatively less populated. The other areas can be attempted too, but they are located near hot drops so you need to be careful.

How to Collect Seeds From Reality Pods Before They Stop Bouncing

Once you have the Reality Seeds, simply use your Pickaxe to break them open. This will cause the seed to launch up in the air. This is where players need to be extra careful and ensure that the seed doesn’t fall on the ground. Players need to chase the Reality Seed and collect it right before it is about to fall. It might take a few tries to get it right, but the good thing is that you don’t need to complete it in one match. It might get quite difficult if there are a lot of players dropping at the location, that’s we recommend visiting the aforementioned locations as they are relatively safer.

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