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Fortnite Cozy Lodge Location & How To Warm Yourself At The Yule Log

Here's how to warm yourself at the Yule Log!

December 16, 2021

Winterfest 2021 has officially arrived to Fortnite and everyone’s favourite Cozy Lodge has returned along with it, as well as some brand new challenges for players to complete.

One of the first challenges players are tasked with is to warm themselves at the Yule Log inside of the Cozy Lodge. If you’re struggling to work out where the Cozy Lodge actually is in Fortnite, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how to find the Cozy Lodge and complete the ‘warm yourself at the Yule Log’ challenge for Winterfest 2021.

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Fortnite | Chapter 3 Season 1 Overview Trailer

Fortnite | Chapter 3 Season 1 Overview Trailer

How To Access The Fortnite Cozy Lodge

To find the Cozy Lodge, you don’t actually need to go into a game. Simply boot up Fortnite and select ‘Battle Royale’, once you’re on the main menu simply press ‘R1’ on PlayStation or ‘RB’ on Xbox to navigate to the very last tab.

Prior to the beginning of Winterfest 2021, the final tab was titled ‘V-Bucks’, but now you are able to go one tab further which should be a snowflake with the number ‘1’ inside of it. You will then be greeted with an image of the Cozy Lodge in the distance, simply select ‘X’ on PlayStation or ‘A’ on Xbox to visit the lodge.

Congratulations, you’re now inside of the Cozy Lodge where you can open 1 present a day for 14 days, or warm yourself at the Yule Log.

How To Warm Yourself At The Yule Log

Once inside you need to navigate to Sgt. Winter and select him, you will then have the option to select the fireplace next to him. All players need to do is select the fireplace to complete the ‘Warm yourself at the Yule Log’ quest.

The fireplace can be seen in the image below, if done correctly you will receive a notification on your screen informing you that the quest is completed.

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