Fortnite is Currently Making an Average of $2 Million Per Day from iOS Alone

Since the beginning of Season 5 of Fortnite, the mobile version of the game has been bringing in some ridiculously large sums of money.

Another week, another crazy story about just how much money Fortnite is raking in for Epic Games.

This week’s staggering revenue numbers come from Sensor Tower, whose estimates say that the iOS version of Fortnite has been bringing in an average of $2 million per day in the first ten days since Season 5 began. These numbers are twelve percent higher than the ten days that preceded it and nineteen percent higher than the $1.7 million that was spent on average in the first ten days of Season 4.

In addition, Fortnite sales on iOS peaked on July 13 when the game brought in $3 million on the game. By comparison, Fortnite’s previous single day of May 1 — the day Season 4 began — when it brought in $1.9 million.

To date, Fortnite has made over $150 million from the mobile version of the game alone since it launched earlier this year. It’s also important to keep in mind that the Android version of the game still has yet to release meaning that Fortnite is still bringing in these insane amounts of money only from iOS users.

None of these monetary numbers that Fortnite is making should come as much of a shock at this point, but somehow I’m still always left shocked nonetheless.

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