Fortnite Dataminers Discover “Heavy Sniper Rifle”; Builders Beware

Fortnite Dataminers Discover “Heavy Sniper Rifle”; Builders Beware

Fortnite may be adding a new "Heavy Sniper Rifle" according to the latest reports from datamining website Stormshield.One

One wooden wall might not be enough to stop the recently datamined “Heavy Sniper Rifle” that appears to be coming to Fortnite in the next update.

The weapon first appeared via popular Fortnite stat tracker and datamining source Stormshield.One and appears to be able to pierce through the first wall it hits. The drawback is that, compared to the bolt-action sniper, it will have a much slower reload time at just over four seconds. That’s a small price to pay, however, for such a meta-breaking shot.

Users on Reddit have been worried that the new gun would only make building in the game weaker, as we saw with last week’s addition of the Compact SMG. A gun which had the ability to shoot down walls faster than players could replace them.

Though the datamined “Heavy Sniper Rifle” might not affect players who build effectively by placing a wall in front of their staircases. This would add a second layer of protection when engaging in a fight with this new weapon. Though it will be really good at sniping players who are reviving teammates behind cover or healing up if they only place a 1×1.

Furthermore, “RIP being safe” because the Remote Explosives were added back to the game on Tuesday and they’re capable of leveling entire buildings in Tilted Towers.