Fortnite to Add Emote-Focused Disco Domination Limited Time Mode

Fortnite to Add Emote-Focused Disco Domination Limited Time Mode

While emotes and dances have always been prominent in Fortnite Battle Royale, they will finally have a gameplay function in the Disco Domination LTM.

Possibly the most popular aspect of Fortnite to bleed into the real world is the large selection of dancing emotes. Whether they’re based on real-life dances or just a plain fun thing from the developers, it’s impossible to not witness little kids go crazy performing these moves. Thanks to an upcoming Limited Time Mode for the battle royale game’s sixth season, these emotes will have a major function as part of an objective.

As one can guess from the name “Disco Domination,” this mode somewhat resembles a typical “domination” game type from other shooter games, namely, Call of Duty. Players will have to compete to take control of various points throughout the map. The main difference here is that players will also have to make their characters dance on the floor in order to score points.

There have been several challenges and easter eggs that utilize emotes, but the game hasn’t seen a mode like this yet. The mode will appear in a future update coming soon, with players across different platforms able to enjoy it with each other. Hopefully, those Shadow Stones will be back too.

Disco Domination LTM Coming Soon! from r/FortNiteBR