Fortnite’s New Avengers: Endgame Mode Allows You to Do Battle Against Thanos

Fortnite’s New Avengers: Endgame Mode Allows You to Do Battle Against Thanos

Wield the weapons of the Avengers in Fortnite's latest limited time mode.

After first teasing it earlier this week, Epic Games has now detailed Fortnite’s new Avengers-themed limited time mode.

Fortnite Endgame, the appropriately titled new mode named after this week’s release of Avengers: Endgame, sees you fighting against the villainous Thanos and his hordes of Chitauri soldiers. Thanos is in pursuit of finding the six Infinity Stones scattered across Fortnite’s island and you, with the power of some of the most iconic weapons of the Avengers, are tasked with stopping him before he gets a “Snap Royale.”

Along with the new mode, a few new collectibles have been added to Fortnite as well. If you complete certain challenges, you’ll be able to unlock various banners, sprays, and even the Quinjet Glider that the Avengers typically ride in.

In the store, two new skins have also been added. The first is Black Widow’s outfit which comes with her Widow’s Bite Pickaxe and a new emote. The second of these two outfits has yet to be revealed but Epic says it will be released early next week.

Information on just how long Fortnite Endgame will be lasting in-game hasn’t been given by Epic, but you’d have to imagine it’ll last about as long as last year’s Avengers crossover that allowed you to play as Thanos did. Personally, I haven’t played Fortnite in quite a long time, but I might have to jump back in just to try this out.

Below you can check out a trailer released to coincide with the start of Fortnite Endgame as well.