Epic Games Continues Its Corporate Slap Fight With Apple

Epic Games harnesses the energy of a politician that says Rage Against The Machine is their favorite band with its continued campaign against Apple.

December 22, 2020

This past summer, Epic Games started a huge stir when they violated the Apple Store’s terms of service. They implemented a way to bypass Apple’s shopping interface and allowed Fortnite players to purchase in-game items and battle passes through the game itself. Apple then fired back by removing Fortnite from their app store after it had topped their charts since its release. Epic Games was not planning to take this lying down.

As things progressed and Epic decided that they weren’t also a multi-billion dollar corporation, they released their Ninety-Eighty Fortnite video to the masses. A very clear and fairly tone-deaf reference to George Orwell’s dystopian novel about totalitarianism and the silencing of free speech. The video, which was also a nearly shot for shot remake of Apple’s 1984-inspired ad, portrayed the Fortnite heroes as freedom fighters rebelling against the establishment. But in this version the establishment was Apple. Much to the mockery of many in the games industry, the #FreeFortnite campaign was now fully among us.

Epic is now continuing its campaign and still desperately trying to be oppressed. This past week, Greg Miller and others in the games industry received care packages to celebrate Fortnite being awarded the Samsung Galaxy Store’s Game of the Year. The package contained merch emblazoned with the #FreeFortnite insignia and hashtag. Now everyone can know that you rebel against one mega-corporation by supporting the other mega-corporation.

Also included was a call to action to anyone who would ‘spread the word’ about Fortnite’s presence on the Galaxy Store. Where you can also easily access the Epic Games Store app. Epic is definitely pushing for public perception to be pushed in its favor with this campaign. Anyone can sense it’s forced though.

Epic Games desperately wants to be the David to Apple’s Goliath in this story. When in reality David in this situation is also a giant and instead of a slingshot, they’re attacking each other with buckets of cash and lawsuits. It’s not the act of rebellion that Epic thinks it is and it’s clear that it isn’t slowing down any time soon.

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