Fortnite Mix-up Angers Players, Epic Games Apologizes

Fortnite Forgets How Long a Fortnight Is

By Travis Verbil

January 2, 2019

Earlier today, Epic Games apologized for its miscommunication regarding Fortnite‘s “14 Days of Fortnite event. The company announced that anyone that completed at least one challenge from the event will be receiving the game’s Equalizer Glider at some point in the near future.

Originally announced on December 18, the “14 Days of Fortniteevent offered players a unique challenge every day for two weeks. Completing these challenges would reward players with a variety of in-game swag. While the event started on December 19th, Epic Games’ initial announcement never explicitly mentioned the event’s end date, leading to some confusion.

This confusion was exacerbated when David Spazinski, a designer at Epic Games, clarified some specifics about the “14 Days of Fortnite”  on Reddit. Replying to a poster that was confused about the event’s rewards, Spazinski wrote, “Once all 14 days worth of challenges have been unlocked, there will still be a few days to complete them before they go away (IIRC they expire on either the 3rd or 4th of January)”.

Only lasting 14 days, Fortnite‘s event actually ended today, January 2. The key phrase here is Spazinski’s “IIRC,” otherwise know as “if I recall correctly.” It’s clear that Spazinski was speaking off-the-cuff, however, others on the subreddit saw the comment as some tacit message that the event was going to be extended.

“Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to happen,” replied Reddit user u/1EyedChrisYT. “As you can expect from the holidays many people, myself included, have been busy, and I told my brother I’d do his challenges on the basis that it would be still available till the 3rd or 4th like you said.” The user went on to lament that their brother only needed two more chests for Fortnite‘s Equalizer Glider, which is, coincidentally, the glider that Epic Games offered players as an olive branch.

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Other users expressed similar sentiments, calling for the event to be extended. Most of the Fortnite players calling for an extension explicitly mentioned the holiday season as a reason why they were unable to complete the game’s events.

“I get back from my holiday travels to find the challenges gone, when we were clearly told we’d have more time. Definitely the wrong decision Epic, this doesn’t fix it for anyone other than those that didn’t finish only the last challenge,” replied one Reddit user.

Despite the requests of fans, it doesn’t seem like Epic Games is going to bring back the “14 Days of Fortnite” event. Of course, seeing as something is always cooking in Fortnite‘s metagame, fans won’t have to wait too long for another in-game event.

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