Fortnite is Having A Fishing Tournament This Weekend

Fortnite is Having A Fishing Tournament This Weekend

Hop into Fortnite and...catch fish?

Fortnite, the game known for battle royale, is hosting a fishing tournament over the weekend. Not a real-life fishing tournament, but one inside itself. Just when you thought Epic Games ran out of crazy and obscure ideas they continue to surprise. The Fortnite Fishing Frenzy has already begun, however, it will continue throughout the weekend ending on Sunday, November 24 at 5 pm PST. The tournament is not in a limited-time mode so players must try to catch as many fish as they can without being killed in solos, duos, or squads.

There are four competitions happening across the tournament which include, reeling in the most fish during a single match and catching the most small fry , flopper, or slurpfish throughout the weekend. The winner of a competition in each region will win an actual trophy of the Fortnite llama. For those who aren’t determined to take the top spot, you can still be rewarded for participating. If a player catches a mythic goldfish at any point during the tournament they will receive a bottom dweller pickaxe.


Seeing that Epic Games is creating a left-field event like fishing to Fortnite it will be interesting to see what other unexpected events they will bring into the fray because up to this point there is no predicting what will happen next. Season one was just extended to February of next year making it the longest season in the game’s history. With all these new changes and additions to Chapter 2Fortnite seems like a completely new game.