Fortnite: How To Gain Shield While Emoting

Here is how to gain shields while emoting in Fortnite.

August 4, 2022

One of the Fortnite challenges for this week requires players to gain a shield while emoting, and many players are having some trouble completing it.

Contrary to the previous week, this week the challenges are much simpler and players should be able to complete most of them without much of a hassle. Moreover, there are only seven challenges as compared to the nine challenges we usually get, so one should be able to complete them faster. Here is how to complete the shield challenge for this week.

Which Items Give Shield in Fortnite?

The shield is one of the most used features in Fortnite, as it can give players a significant edge over their opponents if used at the right time. There are a number of items that can give you a shield in Fortnite, including Shield Potions, Mushrooms, Slurp Juice, Chug-Jug, Shield Keg, Jellyfish, and the Chug Cannon. However, when it comes to this challenge, players cannot use just any of these items to get a shield. This is because they need to be emoting while consuming the shield item, which is not possible with a majority of these items.


How to Gain Shield While Emoting

Now that you know which items can be used to get a shield, you might be wondering which of these can be used for this challenge. Well, only three of them can be used to get a shield while emoting, which include Chug Cannon, Jellyfish, Shield Keg, and a few others. Here is how to use them.

  • Chug Cannon– The Chug Cannon is one of those items which doesn’t require you to do anything to get a shield. The Chug Cannon can be used by one of your teammates and it will give a shield to your entire team. So to complete this challenge, you need to pair up with a friend and look for a Chug Cannon. The Chug Cannon is sold by Kyle, so you don’t need to venture around a lot to get it. Kyle spawns at Washout Wharf right outside of Stumpy Ridge. Once you have it, simply start emoting and ask your teammate to shoot the cannon at you.
  • Shield Keg, Slurp Mushroom, Klomberries– These items are not sold by NPCs and are found scattered across the map, so these items are much tougher to get. However, considering that these items replenish your shield over time, you can simply consume any of these and then start emoting.
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