Fortnite Gamer Smashes One-Shot World Record and Memes His Journey

Fortnite and Could9 streamer Keeoh smashes previous One-Shot world record, and gloats in a fantastic bragging rights video.

What’s up everyone, it’s ya boi: DualShockers, comin’ at you with all that Fortnite Twitch news. If you haven’t been following the Twitch circuit, there has been a pretty great competition for a new world record: most kills in One-Shot mode. After some contentious back and forth, Twitch streamers and Cloud9 member Keeoh has taken the dominant spot at a stunning 39 kills, and has created a meme-ridden video to celebrate the accomplishment.

The competition for most One-Shot kills began pre-2019, with Keeoh hitting 26 kills in one game. For those of you unaware, One-Shot is a specialized battle royale mode for Fortnite. Instead of the general rules, players are limited to sniper rifles, lower gravity jumping, and limited fall damage.

Come the new year, Keeoh was already on the ropes — Twitch streamer Comikazie had stepped in with a new record, scoring 31 kills in the offshoot mode. Down but not out, Keeoh took back the top slot, hitting an impressive 32 kills over half a month later.

But records are meant to be broken. Only six hours later Comikazie took back the title with 34 kills which, for the record, is now claiming over a third of the players within the match. And not even giving Keeoh time to respond, YouTuber Laytxn smashed that record, hitting 37 kills in One-Shot.

Now finally it was Keeoh’s time. In an extended match, Keeoh clears out 39 kills in a dazzling display of no-scoping, long-range kills, and grappling. Instead of reading me describe it, go ahead and watch him wipe out nearly half of his competition in the match below:

However, picking up world records is only half the fun — then comes the bragging rights. In a heavily-edited video, you can pick up that full journey and Keeoh’s signature backflips alongside Duckwrth’s MICHUUL.

That said, no record is ever permanent — so keep an eye on whoever is able to break the 40-kill threshold. Meanwhile, if you are more into the creative fan projects, you might dig the Post Malone Sunflower cover that someone was able to re-create in Fortnite.

Fortnite is available on nearly every platform as a free-to-play battle royale game.

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