Fortnite Brings Back Glider Redeploy Feature as an Item

Fortnite Brings Back Glider Redeploy Feature as an Item

After removal from the game, the ability to redeploy your glider in Fortnite is coming back—but only as an item, and not a passive feature.

Epic Games is bringing back a controversial gameplay feature to Fortnite, albeit with a compromise. The battle royale game experimented with allowing players to redeploy their gliders at certain heights. After some feedback, Fortnite removed the feature but will bring it back as an exhaustible item in v7.20.

The ability to redeploy the glider opened up the possibility for some daring escapes. Perhaps someone is on top of a mountain and needs a quick getaway, or needs to get out of a sticky situation in Tilted Towers. For the longest time, players would need a launch pad to make this escape, but for a while, they would just be able to jump off and hit a button.

It had all of the fun of using the glider in The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild, but it took away from some of the urgency and desperation when escape was so easy. The launch pad seemed nearly useless with that in mind, and there was no reason for someone on the squad to keep it in their inventory for a rainy day. At the same time, building an absurdly high stairway to Heaven and jumping off was an objectively enjoyable activity to do.

Now, the glider redeploy will take up an inventory slot, and it can be found in chests, supply drops, llamas, and any other source of loot. Even while taking an inventory spot, players will not have to actually select the item and can deploy with the press of a button as usual. The glider will only have a certain number of charges, but using a jump pad, rifts (and rifts-to-go), and respawning in limited time modes that require respawning will not use up a charge.

In other news, it turns out that a lot of people still play Fortnite, with the game being the most played Switch game in Europe and still topping the charts on the PlayStation Store. The previous v7.10 patch brought the suppressed sniper and dual pistols to the game. Expect v7.20 by tomorrow, January 15.