Fortnite Brings Halo and The Walking Dead Crossovers Into the Latest Season

Fortnite Brings Halo and The Walking Dead Crossovers Into the Latest Season

During The Game Awards 2020, Fortnite brought a number of surprises into the mix with Halo and The Walking Dead crossovers.

Fortnite is obviously one of the biggest games on the planet, and the battle royale title has continued to find even bigger ways to draw players in through its massive events and crossovers. After its most recent excursions with The Mandalorian and God of WarFortnite is going even bigger by bringing some familiar faces into the fray with Master Chief, Michonne, and Daryl Dixon.

During The Game Awards 2020, Epic Games revealed several pieces of news worth looking forward to for Fortnite fans, the biggest of which being the inclusion of Master Chief and content from the Halo series. As shown in the trailer, Master Chief is now available as a purchasable player skin through the in-game shop, alongside other cosmetics inspired by the franchise like a Gravity Hammer pick-axe and a Pelican glider. Additionally, the iconic Blood Gulch map from the first game will be making its way to Fortnite‘s Creative Mode for players to try their own rendition of Capture the Flag.

Both of the Halo-themed reveal videos for Fortnite are particularly funny, especially the Blood Gulch introduction that features cameos from the cast of the classic webseries Red vs. Blue and Ninja. You can check out both of the announcement videos below:

Alongside the new Halo-themed content, Epic also revealed that The Walking Dead franchise will make its way into Fortnite with the addition of Michonne and Daryl Dixon as the latest Hunters in the game. Both of the veterans from The Walking Dead series will be making their way over on December 16, 2020, so you won’t have to wait too long to play as them. Presumably, their introduction will likely include other cosmetics and items inspired by the hit post-apocalyptic zombie franchise.

Fortnite is available to play for free on consoles, PC, and mobile.