Fortnite Adds Sword Weapons in Latest Patch—Specifically the Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade may be technically gone, but it will live on through Fortnite, as the weapon from the game will be featured in the battle royale game.

Epic Games doesn’t seem to want to focus on anything other than their newly-launched games store and their main moneymaker Fortnite, with Infinity Blade being the latest casualty. Infinity Blade was the company’s attempt to bring something new to mobile games, but those titles are being removed from online marketplaces. Even so, those nostalgic for those games can have some solace in using the Infinity Blade as a new weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The weapon comes in the v7.01 patch, which comes shortly after season 7 began, alongside “The Block” area for community-created content. The Infinity Blade is the first proper melee weapon that players can use in Battle Royale, with the blade dealing heavy damage and having the ability to destroy structures. Players can find the Infinity Blade in the new Polar Peak area of the updated map.

Along with the blade is the returning “Ralphie’s Revenge” weapon for Save the World and a Creative Mode giving players access to “Islands” to play around with starting December 13. This patch also adds a new Limited Time Mode called “Close Encounters,” which focuses on shotguns and jetpacks.

While I was never a fan of Infinity Blade or Paragon, which was one of the earlier fallen titles from Epic, it seems interesting to me that Fortnite is basically eating these previous games alive. It comes across as a tribute to a series that was meant to be innovative in pushing graphical power on mobile games—Infinity Blade may be gone, but Fortnite, which is also playable on mobile, won’t forget it.

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