Fortnite Joy Ride Update Arrives, Action-Packed Trailer Shows Off Four Cars

Fortnite Joy Ride Update Arrives, Action-Packed Trailer Shows Off Four Cars

Shoot the wheels out, do some donuts, and listening to tunes.

As reported yesterday, the latest update for Fortnite has landed for all players to download. The Joy Ride update adds drivable vehicles and useable gas stations and comes with an action-packed trailer.

Bringing the game to version 13.40, the update will introduce four driveable vehicles meaning that the game now has boats, helicopters, and cars. The blog post states that the keys are already in the vehicles, so long as the car isn’t “booted”. Check out the trailer below which shows all of the driveable vehicles in action, including allowing passengers to lean out of windows and fire at the enemy.

The trailer also shows off car physics, allowing players to shoot the tyres causing moving vehicles to spin out, and possibly flip completley. It certainly seems to add an element of speed to the game from the video alone, and I’m interested in jumping back into the game just to experience this.

The four cars were indeed the cars from the posters that have been scattered around the map, with the Islander Prevalent looking like some form of a sedan. The Whiplash is a fancy looking car that reminds me of Rocket League’s Breakout car. OG Bear is a pickup looking car while the Titano Mudflap is a truck.

Each car has a radio, and content creators can disabled licensed audio in the audio settings. However, there have been issues and the radio feature is temporarily disabled while Epic Games looks into a fix.

Players can top up their fuel using the gas stations scattered around the map. But if they run out of fuel before they get there, there are throwable gas cans around that can be refilled at the gas station.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. It’ll also be heading to the PS5 and Xbox Series X when those end up launching later this year.