Fortnite Will Be Getting a Line of Collector Figurines from McFarlane Toys

Fortnite Will Be Getting a Line of Collector Figurines from McFarlane Toys

The ever-popular Fortnite will soon be in the hands of kids and collectors everywhere in the form of new figurines coming from McFarlane Toys.

If 2018 has proven anything so far, it’s proven that it has truly been the year of Fortnite as the game has taken off massively each month with millions of players, and now the shooter will be coming home in physical form from master toy makers McFarlane Toys.

Toy manufacturer McFarlane Toys has announced that the company will be partnering with Epic Games to produce a line of items based on Fortnite. Specifically, the partnership will produce a range of “premium collectible figures, related accessories and resin status” based on the massively popular shooter.

The line of figurines from McFarlane Toys will be coming to retailers in fall 2018, according to the company, and will feature a variety of “current and ‘classic’ looks from the Fortnite franchise,” with one image showing the game’s signature Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear skin in figurine form (which you can see above).

Todd McFarlane, the titular CEO and founder of the company, explained in a statement that “the Fortnite brand has taken on global status and continues to grow each day. The game, with its sense of skill and irreverent fun, now has hundreds of character options to choose from, which is a tremendous blueprint for making any successful toy and action figure line.”

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and iOS, and will be coming to Android sometime this summer.