Fortnite Mobile Has Generated Over $1 Billion in Microtransactions

That's a lot of spending.

May 15, 2020

That Battle Royale game where everyone does The Floss? Epic Games’ Fortnite? Yeah, that made over $1 billion from microtransactions on mobile alone. That’s insane.

According to Sensor Tower, the mobile versions of Fortnite have surpassed over $1 billion in revenue from microtransactions. The statistic is focused purely on iOS and Android platforms and Sensor Tower states that spending surged past the $1 billion mark during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns that took place globally this year. In addition, the latest in-game event that featured musician Travis Scott also helped increase spending as well as the game’s official arrival on the Google Play store last month. (Before that, the game was only available on Android by using files to install it.)


In April, Fortnite mobile versions saw $44.3 million in spending which is the best performance since February 2019. March 2020 saw $23.3m spent. If you want to get specific with countries, the US generated the most revenue in the games mobile lifetime bringing in $632.2 million. The UK wasn’t far behind with $38.2 million with Switzerland coming with $36.3 million.

You’ll probably remember the popular Battle Royale becoming available on iOS back in April 2018, it arrived on Android a touch later but not officially through the Android store until last month. It was estimated to be bringing in “an average of $2 million per day” from the iOS version alone back in 2018 while shooting past 100 million downloads on the platform. The arrival of the game on Google Play has become a factor.

The App Store for iOS is the main marketplace, seeing players spend more than $1 billion, but in the short time Fortnite has been available officially on Android, it was generated $937,000 on Google Play.

It’s certainly a huge achievement, and the fact PC and consoles aren’t accounted for in this report makes me struggle to fathom what the actual overall figure is for everything. Epic Games recently announced that Fortnite would be moving to the new Unreal Engine 5 next year, and at the moment, the Epic Games Store is giving away Grand Theft Auto 5 Premium Edition for free.

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