Yes, Atari VCS Can Play Fortnite

Yes, Atari VCS Can Play Fortnite

Atari VCS can play Fortnite if players boot up Windows and access Epic Games' launcher on it.

We are supposedly only two months away from the launch of the Atari VCS and we still don’t know a lot about the system. Still, it was showcased at CES 2020. This appearance has given us our first great look at its boot-up screen, menus and some retro games running on the hardware and via Antstream. That being said, the Medium post highlighting this also made one thing clear: the Atari VCS can play Fortnite.

Rejoice and default dance gamers, as Intellivision Amico and Google Stadia are now the only Fortnite-less consoles. In actuality, Fortnite isn’t being directly ported to Atari VCS this time, it was just highlighted that roundabout way of playing it on the console exists. Atari’s system is poised to contain a “unique PC sandbox” that lets users boot up Windows and Linux. As such, this will technically give players access to apps, storefronts, and launchers that would typically be considered PC exclusive.

The post doesn’t go into much detail, but I’d assume that games like Fortnite would run at a quality possible with the VCS’ internal hardware. Other games played on the platform at CES apparently included Borderlands 2 and Basketball Classics. You can see this whole process play out in the video below, where an Atari representative accesses Fortnite via the Epic Games launcher:

Even with everything we have seen about Atari VCS up until CES 2020, I am still pretty wary about the platform. We have yet to see a true exclusive or new games natively running on a non-Windows portion of the console still. Atari seems to have just recently opened the floodgates to developers as well, which could indicate that its native game lineup will be pretty terrible at first outside of the retro games. Atari still has a lot of work to do if they want to prove that the VCS is worth it, so I do hope that they try to turn things around over the next two months before launch.