Fortnite: What Is A Port-a-Fort & How To Collect & Deploy It

Here is how to collect and deploy Port-a-Fort in Fortnite.

July 7, 2022

Fortnite’s latest update has unvaulted the Port-a-Fort, and one of the Week 5 challenges requires players to deploy it and immediately deal damage to enemies.

Since its launch, we have witnessed a plethora of items arriving in Fortnite ranging from weapons to utilities and much more. Veteran players of the game must remember one of the most popular items back in the day, Port-a-Fort. As one might have guessed from the name itself, Port-a-Fort allows players to port a fort, quite literally. In simpler terms, you can instantly build a structure around you to defend yourself instead of manually building it part by part. This is a very useful item since it saves you a lot of time and can give you a massive tactical edge in mere moments.


Now that you know what a Port-a-Fort is, you might be wondering where you can find it in Fortnite. Well, there is no specific location in the game where you can find a Port-a-Fort, and looting as many chests as possible is the only way to go. Port-a-Fort can also be found lying on the ground, so do note that you are keeping an eye for that as well. It isn’t that rare to come across one so you should be able to find one without having that much trouble.

Once you have a Port-a-Fort, you need to use it like any other item and throw it towards the ground. A structure will automatically construct in front of you. You need to eliminate enemies within 30 seconds of building the Port-a-Fort, so make sure you build it in an area where there are enemies nearby else it will go to waste and you will need to try doing the task all over again.

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