Fortnite is Releasing ‘G.I. Joe Size’ Figures Next Month

Fortnite is Releasing ‘G.I. Joe Size’ Figures Next Month

Donald Mustard has announced that Fortnite will be releasing G.I. Joe size action figures just in time for the holiday season.

I was never super into action figures when I was a kid. I would just rather have spent my time playing video games or basketball. However, I do understand the popularity that some have. My brother had a bunch of G.I. Joe and always played with them when we were growing up. This is why I totally get Epic releasing G.I. Joe size Fortnite figures. Announced by Donald Mustard via his Twitter account, we get a glimpse at what some of these figures look like at first glance.

Donald Mustard notes that he grew up playing with G.I. Joe and Star Wars action figures and they helped shape his imagination into what it is today. He also states that their goal was to create the best action figures possible. In the Twitter thread, he shared a few more pictures and states how they obsessed over everything from the proportions, articulation, and wait.

Donald Mustard states that the action figures will be in stores December 1st, just in time for the holidays and just in time to stuff children’s stockings.

Now I know that G.I. Joe was a popular show and all, but I don’t think it even comes close to how big Fortnite has become. A Fortnite streamer was one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year! It has leaked into every Elementry and Middle School around the world. I can’t go a day without seeing some video of kid’s flossing on twitter just because they saw it in the game. Whether it is a video of them at school or on the jumbotron at an NBA game, it is inescapable. Hell, while I was flipping through channels the other day, I saw country music singers try doing it at the CMA’s. I don’t think I have ever smashed the next channel button ever faster in my life.

While I might sound like an old curmudgeon here, I am positive these figures are going to sell incredibly well and kids around the world are going to love them, which makes me happy.