Fortnite Getting Higher Resolution Support on PS4 Pro, Input-Based Matchmaking and More

Fortnite Getting Higher Resolution Support on PS4 Pro, Input-Based Matchmaking and More

Fortnite players using a keyboard and mouse will be pitched against others with the same controls, while higher resolution on PS4 Pro is coming.

Today Epic Games released a new “State of Development” post mentioning quite changes coming to Fortnite in the near future.

First of all, in a future update, players will get input-based matchmaking, which will match them against others who use the same peripheral (controller vs controller and keyboard + mouse vs keyboard + mouse).

If anyone in a party uses keyboard and mouse, the whole party will be matchmade with PC players and others who use keyboards and mouses. Current crossplay rules still apply, so partying up with a PC players will always put you in the pool that includes PC players.

The ability to completely remap controller buttons will also be added later this year, while the developers also tweak feel and optimization for controllers across all platforms.

A few changes are also coming to weapons:

  • Evaluating shotgun equip time. The equip time was originally added to help combat rapid weapon switching. However, since the shotgun switch delay was added, equip times have less of a purpose.
    • We’ll be improving the Pump Shotgun so it’s a bit quicker to bring up, and we’ll be evaluating the other shotguns moving forward.
  • Clingers are a bit more effective than we’d like.
    • The behavior has been adjusted so that the second Clinger will fall to the ground in this scenario (v5.30).

Work is being done on performance, with focus on the 50v50 mode on all platforms. The team aknowledged that performance in the mode has deteriorated on Switch and iOS since launch, and they’re looking into it.

The new 5.30 update fixed the cause of a long hitch that caused the screen to freeze for multiple seconds on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Mac. This hitch accounted for about 60% of hitches above half a second in length.

The loading times on buildings has been improved on Xbox One and Switch within the same patch.

For PS4 Pro players, there is support coming for resolutions higher than 1080p when using a 4K TV. This will be implemented “in the near future.”

The post also aknowledged that the Android launch had issues and the team is working on it, with the first short-term goal of improving performance.

Player support and account security are also being improved.