Fortnite Adding Rift-To-Go; a Portable Pocket Portal

Fortnite Adding Rift-To-Go; a Portable Pocket Portal

Fortnite is taking those interdimensional rifts we've come to love and making them a usable item that'll be added in tomorrow's update.

You’re on your own, out in the storm. No Jump Pad, no ATK or shopping cart. And that’s when you remember: Fortnite has portals that drop you from the sky. Today’s news is simply that Epic Games is making a version of the rift which can fit in your inventory.

The Rift-To-Go was recently teased on Fortnite‘s home screen with the description:

“A rift you can carry in your pocket! Teleport above your current location and glide down.”

When they were added at the beginning of Season 5, players weren’t using them for much more than a means to have your golf cart plummet from the sky while you pulled off a sick powerslide. Now; however, these rifts are used to interruptĀ a high-altitude build battle, or in my case, to get my sorry butt back into the circle.

The new Rift-To-Go will likely be used for the same reasons, though there are several unanswered questions like “Will it allows multiple people to go through?” and importantly for me “will it make that super loud noise that everyone on the map can hear?”

We’ll find out tomorrow when the game’s newest weekly update is released. I’m sure we’ll see a week 7 challenge devoted to it when those come out on Friday. You can read more about Fortnite, including how rifts were temporarily disabled, here.