You Can Still Download Fortnite on Samsung Devices

Epic Games' Fortnite may have been taken off of the App Store and Google Play Store, but it's still available for download on Samsung's Galaxy Store.

August 17, 2020

Samsung seems to be gearing up to brand their devices for core gaming as the streaming wars begin to heat up and Epic begins to declare war on Apple with Fortnite. The past two weeks have been proof that mobile gaming isn’t just for Candy Crush and Angry Birds and with Microsoft and Epic games making waves in the Apple camp, just not necessarily in a way that anyone expected.

Epic Games has had a very public spat with Apple over various App Store policies and Apple’s profit-sharing rules for its proprietary store. After being promptly kicked off of the App Store, Epic debuted a trailer mocking Apple’s classic ‘1984’ commercial and their policies as well as the hashtag ‘#FreeFortnite.’


Not long after it was de-listed from the App Store, Fortnite also disappeared from the Google Play Store, the primary Android storefront. Miraculously, it’s still available on Samsung’s Galaxy Store. Last week Friday, Samsung’s Mobile-dedicated Twitter account Tweeted in support of the game.

This isn’t Samsung’s first step towards going all-in on bringing console-caliber gaming to mobile platforms. Just last week, the smartphone manufacturer announced that they were partnering with Microsoft to bring xCloud to their platform.

This was Samsung stepping on Apple’s toes once again since Apple’s App Store policies restricted the streaming service. Apple’s primary explanation for not allowing xCloud and GamePass on their devices is that they can’t review every single game on the service, therefore being unable to regulate or properly rate the content for the store.

As proven by the past couple weeks’ events, Apple seems unwilling to budge, leaving room for Samsung to create a new place for themselves as the best mobile gaming platform once Game Pass Ultimate subscribers gain access to cloud streaming on their android phones.

Charlie Wacholz

Charlie is a streamer, YouTube content creator and writer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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