Fortnite’s Save the World Will Straight Up Add a “Fork Knife” Character

Fortnite’s Save the World Will Straight Up Add a “Fork Knife” Character

The "Fork Knife" meme becomes a tangible, real thing within Fortnite with the addition of a new NPC in the Save the World PvE mode.

As with anything that is popular, Fortnite has been subjected to its fair share of memes. One of the most well-known ones that the kids today love joking with (I presume) is calling the game “Fork Knife.” Ha, isn’t it hilarious making fun of people who don’t understand the game? According to Epic’s website, the Save the World portion of Fortnite is getting a new UI front-end update, and one of the characters featured in the new menus sports a “fork knife” arm.

Wink wink, nudge nudge.

This character is called “The Major,” and he’ll be in charge of the game’s Training Room after you meet him in the campaign. The Major will unlock your character’s ability to level up and gain access to expeditions and loadouts. He also has a knife and a fork for a hand.

Otherwise, the UI update looks impressive, making the world of Fortnite a bit more tangible than the abstract, menus of nothing that we’re used to. It emphasizes the named characters a little better and shows to prove that Save the World has more story than whatever nonsense Battle Royale is putting out most recently a surreal, in-game event that even had a cutscene.

The real world is bleeding into Fortnite, with NFL jerseys being a thing you can get in Battle Royale now, and likewise, Fortnite is bleeding into the real world. Children worldwide are probably floss dancing as I type this, and don’t be surprised if you see more Fortnite costumes in future Halloweens.

Real life is becoming the world of Fortnite, and we’re just living in it.