Fortnite Will Add New Locations, Mission Requirement Changes, and New Missions in Next Save the World Update

Fortnite Will Add New Locations, Mission Requirement Changes, and New Missions in Next Save the World Update

Fortnite Save the World's latest update adds new areas and missions to the mix, while addressing some the fans' biggest complaints.

Just like Fortnite Battle Royale requires frequent updates, so does the game’s original mode — Save the World. For everyone who has invested in the non-free to play version of the game, Epic will be adding new locations, changing up the structure of matchmaking, and adding some new missions to the mix come in Update 6.10

Speaking in a developer update video below, Billy Bramer (Lead Gameplay Designer) goes over the biggest points to what players can expect.

Starting with the most notable modification, Save the World will be taking everyone back to Canny Valley to discover Ray’s backstory and “get the band back together.” Doing so will put you in the range of a new ghost town section. This is all in preparation of next month’s new story update, to which voice recording will begin soon.

Outside of additions, there are a few changes to the current system which will be made. One noted frequent fan request was modifying the current mission requirement system. Soon, public matches will focus on the average of the party’s rating to determine matchmaking–a far cry from the current system that solely depends on the Party Leader’s level alone. The new structure will mean that public matchmaking won’t have weird disconnects where low-level players are taking part in high-level missions. However, friends will still be able to take part in the current system if they set their party to private and friends-only playlists.

Finally, the new limited time mission merges some of the iconic Battle Royale gameplay with a capture component. Players will need to hold a point to download data, all while keeping an eye on an encroaching storm with swarms of enemies.

Fortnite is well known for its regular updates which have managed to keep the game fresh and constantly in the competitive meta. The latest update added the Chiller, an ice-based trap.

As mentioned above, Fortnite‘s latest update will be released soon; the game is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the full developer update below: