Fornite’s Save the World Campaign Will Be Getting Some Major Updates

Fornite’s Save the World Campaign Will Be Getting Some Major Updates

Fortnite's Save The World Campaign updates will include a reintroduction of "Challenge the Horde" and the first act of the Canny Valley campaign.

With its one-year anniversary approaching since becoming available in early access, the popular co-op game Fortnite is getting a huge update for its Save the World campaign. In a post by the campaign’s developers titled Save the World State of Development, they detail the specifics of the update and discuss their goals to bring players more mission and enemy variety.

One major part of the update is the new Canny Valley campaign. The first act will be delivered shortly after the upcoming v5.0 update is released and will give players new places to explore in the desert biome. The story will also answer many questions including:

  • Was Dr. Vinderman a hero or a villain and what happened to him?
  • Who is “the real Ray” and where is she?
  • What really is the Storm and why did it happen?

Another big part of the update is the reintroduction of “Challenge the Horde”, a mode focused on getting into combat quickly by dropping into a map with a pre-built base to battle waves of enemies while getting limited time to craft weapons, build structures, and lay traps. There have also been some changes to “Challenge the Horde” like reworked difficulty progression and reworked combat. Mini-Bosses will also start spawning during higher difficulty encounters at a reduced randomized rate.

There will also be an extension to the Collection Book, hopefully in the v4.5 update, that will allow players to directly acquire specific heroes and schematics. Apart from a few exceptions, most of the heroes, weapon, and trap schematics will be available for research regardless if players already have the items. They will receive a new level one copy of the item, and the schematics will start with a random set of valid perks. The developers also added, “We’re also planning to provide a mechanism to unslot items from the Collection Book for a nominal fee of 20 V-Bucks to deter exploitive behavior. When an item is removed from the book, the Collection Book XP it granted is removed too.” Players will just have to pay back the lost XP before the book will continue advancing.

In response to the demand for an increased variety in missions and enemies, two-brand-new enemy types will be available in the next few months, with the developers sharing that “a more powerful variant of the Shielder will be coming very soon, followed by his new friend the Zapper!”

Apart from gameplay updates, more steps are being taken to combat improper conduct after a Player Reporting feature was added to Fortnite. Beginning next week, players will receive an in-game message when actions are taken against someone they have reported. Penalties will range from warnings up to permanent bans. While not every report will result in a penalty, hopefully this will deter repeat offenders.

Fortnite is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iOS, and will also be coming to Android sometime later this summer.