Fortnite Adds Score Royale Limited Time Mode and Rift-To-Go Item

Fortnite Adds Score Royale Limited Time Mode and Rift-To-Go Item

Patch 5.30 of Fortnite adds a new limited time mode, Score Royale, which has players focus on points—the Rift-To-Go item has also been added.

Fortnite has reached version 5.30, with big additions to both Battle Royale and Save the World modes. The main additions are the previously-teased Rift-To-Go item, and a new Limited Time Mode called Score Royale.

Both are just what they sound like—the Rift-To-Go is an inter-dimensional rift that players can keep in their equipment; upon use, the player and their allies can use it to fly from out of the sky and make a surprise landing. Of course, players should be wary of enemies potentially using the same portals.

Score Royale will have players gaining points by performing various tasks, such as collecting coins, opening loot boxes, and eliminating enemies. The scoring chart, according to Epic’s website, is below.

Scoring Chart

Winning Score (Solo) 2000
Winning Score (Duos) 3000
Winning Score (Squads) 4500
Use an Apple or Mushroom 10
Open an Ammo Box 25
Open a Llama 50
Open a Supply Drop 100
Eliminate an Enemy 100
Open a Treasure Chest 50
Find a Bronze Coin 30
Find a Silver Coin 50
Find a Gold Coin 100

Meanwhile, the Save the World mode hasn’t been forgotten, with the campaign adding a new weapon. The Blunderbuss Assault Rifle does a good amount of damage, with plenty of ammunition to spare.

Fortnite v5.30 is now available to play on all platforms—hope that the patch doesn’t crash the game again.