Epic Games is Prepping for Fortnite: Season 5 with IRL Hamburgers and Llamas

Epic Games is Prepping for Fortnite: Season 5 with IRL Hamburgers and Llamas

With Season 5 a few days away, Fortnite is no longer contained to just a game, as real world items from the game are popping up around the world.

As the game that is on everyone’s mind at the moment, there haven’t been many opportunities to escape from the grasp of the ever-popular Fortnite, though the title now appears to be bleeding between the lines of digital fantasy and IRL reality with an apparent new ARG/scavenger hunt from Epic Games.

In the lead-up to Season 5 of Fortnite, numerous users on Reddit, Twitter, and other areas of the internet have begun posting their findings of what appears to be an elaborate ARG that Epic Games is crafting based on Fortnite.

The first of these apparent sightings came a few days ago with the appearance of Durr Burger — the mascot of the in-game fast food chain — out in the deserts of California.

A few days later, however, Reddit user “eversoris86” (on the game’s official subreddit) posted a photo of one of Fortnite‘s signature Loot Llamas out inside a phone booth in London. The Reddit thread has since expanded to include various Llamas found in other locations around the world in that time, including Germany, Spain, Poland, and France.

While we don’t quite know just yet what these real-life items are leading up to, it seems all but certain tied to the events that Epic Games is teasing for the massively-popular battle royale titles next season, and it seems for sure like it will be the game’s biggest one yet. As the latest teaser from the studio indicated, it appears that time travel and alternate dimensions will play some part of the next season, so that seems like a big clue behind the recent wave of Fortnite items appearing IRL.

Fortnite is available now for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and iOS, with the game set to arrive on Android sometime this summer.