Fortnite Season 6 – What Are the New Animals and How Do You Get Them?

Fortnite Season 6 adds animals and tamable wolves.

March 16, 2021

It’s a special day for Fortnite fans. With the servers up and ready for some battle royale action, players can now hop straight into the new season with The Zero Crisis Finale. If you haven’t watched the cinematic trailer yet, you can do that here that showcases some information about The Foundation. Plenty of speculation has been circulating around animals in the new season for quite some time and now they’re finally in the game.

What are the new animals in Fortnite?

One of the new and exciting things happening in Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2 will be animals. As you make your way around the island, expect to see wild creatures that include Wolves and Boars.  Seemingly, more harmless creatures like chickens and frogs will be popping up and making an appearance, too. From what we know at this point, players will be able to collect bones to craft items like bows and meat to tame wolves which indicates that you’ll be able to tame them to use to ride around on.

How Do You Get Them?

As you make your way around the island that includes a towering spire in the centre of the island, Bony Burbs and Colossal Crops, these animals will pop up in various locations so best to be on your guard. When you do come across a Wolf or Boar, they will be pretty pissed off to start with but after taking your time to tame them with some food, you could find yourself with a new teammate to fight by your side. At this time of writing, we aren’t sure if you can actually tame the frogs and chickens just in case you were wondering.

What else can you do with the animals?

According to a leak, challenges for weeks one, two, and three of Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6 are already out in the wilds. One of the quests in week one is to hunt wildlife, along with other quests. In week two, players get to tame a boar and in week three, hunt chickens and also take to the skies for 20 meters with your feathery friend. You can find out more about these quests in the tweet below.

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