Fortnite Teases Futuristic-Themed Season 9 With an Image

The future Fortnite season 9 will apparently focus on... the future, as teased through an image on Twitter.

In case you haven’t been following, the ever-popular battle royale mode of Fortnite has been making some controversial changes and additions. The previously-vaulted drum gun is now back, and an event to cap season 8 of the game resulted in the destruction of some popular areas of the map. The future is coming, and quite literally too, as that seems to be the theme of the upcoming season 9.

It isn’t unusual for Epic Games, recently under fire for allegedly overworking their developers, to tease what the studio has in the works with cryptic images. Devoted fans and players are likely more interested in what the connotations of this newest image is, featuring what might be a robot(?) with the caption “The Future is Unknown.” The most recent season 8, which is wrapping up on May 8, had an adventure/pirate/tropical theme.

That event featured the addition of a volcano, which during a recent event, completely destroyed the areas of Tilted Towers and Retail Row. Those who used to love “dropping onto Tilted” may find themselves disappointed in the future. But with a number of big changes every season, surely this upcoming ninth season will introduce a new, interesting element into play to fill in that void. Previous seasons have added winter areas, dimensional rifts, meteorites, and plenty of other assorted knobs and trinkets.

I have a feeling that with a future theme, Fortnite will add some futuristic weapons. It seems like a contrast to the recently-readded old-timey drum gun, but this game is known for blending random assorted anachronistic elements together. Perhaps some gadgets to use on the field, and cool futuristic skins, costumes, and items will be in play soon—I personally wouldn’t mind some cyberpunk in my Fortnite. Who wouldn’t be down for more robots and technology in this already wild and mostly undefined world?

The end of season 8 also brought in some limited time modes, the most prominent one being based on the recent Marvel Studio blockbuster Avengers: Endgame—that event introduced some new Avengers-themed weapons and some items and costumes based on Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Expect more teasers for season 9 to come before it launches on May 9, the day after season 8 ends.

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