The Snow Expanding in Fortnite Seems More Cosmetic Than Hints at a Seasonal Event

The snow that arrived to Fortnite in Season Seven has been getting bigger.

Epic Games’ Battle Royale shooter Fortnite entered Season Seven the other week and brought with it a huge clump of snow and ice with a bad-ass Santa looking bloke. He was introduced in the trailer holding the Infinity Blade, one of the new sword weapons that arrived in a patch but due to the weapon being too powerful it has since been removed. However, an eagle-eyed fan account noticed that the snow has spread into the map since the new season started.

The account that posted the proof is over on Instagram and called fortnitecommunity. They posted the below post showing the map side by side from when the seventh season started on December 6, and another shot of the map from today. They state that the changes are hard to notice but say that it has been getting bigger by a couple of meters.

Now, I looked at this image and found it hard to really notice any change, and then I noticed that the one image is slightly smaller than the other, and a touch higher. So I took to Photoshop to adjust them, overlay them, and blend them. This was the result.

While the quality isn’t wonderful, you can see it enough to notice there are some slight changes. While the changes aren’t massive, they’re noticeable if you pay attention to the edge of the snowy areas. Mainly south of Salty Springs, Tilted Towers, and Snobby Shores’ coastline.

However, this doesn’t look like a significant enough of a change to assume that something is going to happen and instead appears to be more or less cosmetic changes, perhaps to make the snow coverage feel more natural. Not only that, but Epic Games announced that Season Seven will gain an additional two weeks of being available due to the winter holidays, although it was confirmed that Fortnite would still be updated with new challenges and items heading to the game.

What are your takes on this coverage spreading? A cosmetic fix or signs of an upcoming event?

Fornite is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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